Audio Forensics

Superior Court of Los Angeles Expert Witness Audio Forensics/Enhancement

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. Forensics Audio and/or Video Enhancement/Clarification

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AB Audio Visual Ent., Inc. specializes in audio forensics, enhancement, editing, precise transcription and expert witnessing for all legal authority.

A word about audio forensics:

AB Audio Visual uses sophisticated audio filtering and analysis software programs that are used for audio restoration and archiving. They are perfect for the following applications:

  • Rescuing problematic, poorly recorded tracks, enhancing buried dialog
  • Reducing and/or eliminating broadband noise, including fans, external ambiance and tape hiss
  • Cleaning up noisy voice, narration or telephone recordings
  • Eliminating camera sound and HVAC noise from video/film soundtracks
  • Filtering out line noise and ground loop hums.
  • Cleaning up vinyl collections, removing the nastiest pops, clicks and scratches
  • Composing precise transcriptions from illegible audio

A word about transcribing illegible material:

Generally transcriptionists do not do detailed work with inaudible material, sometimes passing by whole words and phrases that may in fact be deciphered if taken the time and care to do so.
We pride ourselves in our ability of composing precise transcriptions from illegible audio.
Using software and hardware to tweak and repeat certain areas of audio may in fact result in a better understanding of what needs to be translated.
When possible we work closely with the people involved, with each case, to have a better understanding of what transpires in the audio in question.

Other audio services for your legal team:

  • Tape tampering and voice recognition forensics
  • Audio transfers of any recording medium, to the medium of your choice,
    as many as you like, such as:

    • Micro cassettes
    • Audio cassettes, (normal, high bias or metal)
    • Dat tapes
    • CD’s
    • Video cassettes, (8 mil. or vhs)

AB Audio Visual Ent., Inc. can advise, assist, or on site record almost any live event which would require pristine audio quality. Specializing in all types of microphones, mic placements, analog/digital recording and monitoring.

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