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About the "Nostalgia" Soundtrack

For six years, with director James Bartling, we have worked extensively on Nostalgia's sound design and music score, and a theatrical release for the movie has been scheduled to begin in March of 2010. Nostalgia is unique in that the entire script is completely non-fiction, not following the traditional three-act structure, compounded with the fact that the real people from the events play themselves in the picture, and the original locations were used whenever possible. Therefore, this is a one-of-a-kind entity that cannot be easily categorized.
By extension, Nostalgia's music score is equally unique in that this is the first time in movie history where the entire film score is entirely composed with human voice only and NO additional instruments. Over thirty individual AB Audio Visual clients have vocally contributed to Nostalgia's score, not including the contributing choirs. The vocalists and compositions are from numerous ethnic backgrounds; the genres range from classical to tribal. The recording of this music ranges from one-take solos to quarter-second edits. You have to hear this to fully understand how original this concept is.
Arlan Boll

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Track List
"Nostalgia" Original Voice-Only Soundtrack Album
  1. Nostalgia Theme (Intro) 03:08
  2. Roy & Mo (O & D Dance) 02:23
  3. Perro Passing 01:25
  4. The Angel 01:03
  5. Sucks Man 02:06
  6. Socks Man 01:10
  7. Get A Haircut 01:06
  8. Window Shopping (Lucky Stone) 01:21
  9. May I 00:38
  10. Batra Dreams 04:12
  11. The Tour 02:08
  12. All Day (The Spell) 02:06
  13. Cut & Dried 00:47
  14. How To Build The Sign Of Life 01:10
  15. Quad Chaos 00:46
  16. The Augury Parade Part 1 & 2 01:20
  17. You're Never Alone Part 1 & 2 02:19
  18. When I Was Young 01:43
  19. Dont Be So Hard On Yourself 02:47
  20. Precious Memories 01:12
  21. For You 06:28
  22. Calliope 00:42

Total Time 39:20

Nostalgia cover

Recorded & Mastered @
AB Audio Visual Ent., Inc.
Long Beach, California
Written and produced by Arlan Boll


Song Moi
Written, performed and produced by Arlan Boll

A synopsis of Song Moi

These instrumental musics written in 1994-1995, were composed for the entire sound track of the feature film titled, "Song Moi", (This Life). This project was the 1st 35 millimeter production by an American/Vietnamese film group, CineV Productions.
Song Moi is a love story involving two Vietnamese youths, (hence it's Asian undertones). The film follows the preordained natural occurrences, (we all go through), of a maturing relationship. The pieces correspond in succession to those emotions by emulating emptiness, shyness, anticipation, joy, love, loss, anguish, sorrow and redemption.
Thank you for taking the time to listen.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.
Arlan Boll
Song List
     "Song Moi" The Soundtrack
  1. Song Moi Theme, (Intro) 03:07
  2. Mothers And Daughters 02:33
  3. Love At First Sight 04:35
  4. Noon Lunch 02:08
  5. Prevision 02:03
  6. To Look In Your Eyes 01:32
  7. Pleasant Visit 04:17
  8. Bike Ride 04:00
  9. Love At First Sight, Reprise 01:57
  10. Unadorned Sentiment 02:41
  11. Battled 02:30
  12. Bad Times 02:22
  13. Bad Times, Reprise 01:53
  14. Sad Contemplations 02:32
  15. Waiting For You 02:27
  16. Waiting For You Reprise, (Ringing Of Hands) 05:50
  17. Washed Away Ballet 02:31
  18. Love At First Sight, Reprise II & Dying In My Arms 05:53
  19. Song Moi Theme, Epilog 03:29

Total Time 59:34

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Recorded & Mastered @
AB Audio Visual Ent., Inc.
Long Beach, California
Written, performed and produced by Arlan Boll
Love at First Sight [reprise] Bad Times Battled Bike Ride Love at First Sight Song Moi Theme [intro]